Q. How can I order or buy a guitar?

A. Click in our Store to see the available guitars. You can also send us a mail and we will give you information about models, orders and waiting time. We invite you to come to our workshop and try the guitars. Set an appointment and visit us!

Q. How can I make the payment?

A. You can pay with credit card, cash or you can make a bank transfer. Feel free to email us in case you have any doubts about it.

Q. What about the guarantee?

A. Our guitars have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. The guarantee does not cover damage due to misuse.

Q. Do you sell wood, cases or other articles?

A. We only sell the guitars we make, but we can offer you some articles, such as cases or capos, when buying one of our instruments.

Q. Can I order a customized model or ask for changes?

A. For sure we can adjust bones, change strings, machine heads or provide the guitar case you prefer. If you want to talk about changes in the kind of wood, sizes or decoration, please email us and we will study your questions.

Q. Can I buy a Brazilian rosewood guitar?

A. Brazilian rosewood is just a comercial name that actually refers to many different species of American dalbergias. We are very concerned about the environmental care and never use endangered species in our instruments. We only use not endangered wood as dalbergia retusa and dalbergia spruceana. We DO NOT USE dalbergia nigra.

Q. Do you make double top guitars?

A. We prefer the sound of traditional tops, with wooden braces and do not make double tops.

Q. Do you sell guitars outside Spain?

A. We can ship guitars to any almost any country. And also, you can find our instruments in shops allover the world, such as Kurosawa in Japan, or Zavaleta’s in the U.S.

Q. What is included in the price?

A. Prices shown in the site includes the instrument with a wooden case. Taxes and shipment are not included.

Q. I still have some questions, how can I solve them?

A. Email us info@guitarreriabellido.com and we will answer you as soon as possible.