Flamenco Guitars

Manuel Bellido Blanca

The most popular Manuel Bellido is a flamenco guitar with Spanish cypress body, German spruce top and 657 mm length. Its tremendous volume, its bass, its treble, its versatility, its general balance and its comfort are already legendary in flamenco. Its avant-garde assembly blending the traditional system with the most advanced techniques makes it extremely rigid and powerful. It is finished with shellac and incorporates high-quality Gotoh machine heads.

Manuel Bellido Negra

With a 657mm length, German spruce top and palo escrito body, the Manuel Bellido Negra is a guitar of extreme power and dazzling sound, specially designed for flamenco guitar players who prefer solo. Fast response in the right hand and great comfort for the left. Its assembly, like the Flamenca Blanca, mixes the traditional system with avant-garde techniques looking for great power without losing sound quality and balance. Finished with shellac, it comes with high quality Gotoh machine heads.

Jesus Bellido Flamenca

The Flamenco by Jesús Bellido is built using an improved variant of the traditional assembly system, closing with the top at the end on the body already mounted. This increases rigidity and reduces weight, thus obtaining an instrument of greater volume without losing beauty of sound. The commercial quality of its wood is first special with at least twenty years of drying and its length is 657 mm. It is a guitar of low execution, very easy to play and well balanced. For the top you can choose between German spruce and Canadian cedar, and for the body between Spanish cypress, red cypress, Indian rosewood, Madagascar rosewood, African red coral, bird-eye maple, Macassar ebony among others. Finished with shellac.

Mauricio Bellido Flamenca

This is a truly flamenco guitar, but still very versatile and allows playing flamenco and other styles, suitable for guitarists looking for a high level guitar but not limited to a single kind of music. Its assembly is the traditional one of the Spanish school with some variations to increase structural rigidity. Engraved sides over the top top and bottom on reinforcements, all with special first quality woods. Central Europe spruce top. Body can be Spanish cypress, cocobolo, American rosewood, palo escrito, pau ferro, etcetera. Shellac lacquered.