Classical Guitars

Manuel Bellido Áurea

The Áurea guitar is Manuel Bellido’s final work. This instrument comes from 1982, when Manuel saw a draw of the so-called golden number, and made a guitar based on it. The project ended in 2018, working with the Department of Mathematics of the University of Granada, that created a perfect calculation of every part of the guitar, based on the Phi number, and then built ny Manuel. Assembled in Ignacio Fleta style, its scale can be 650 mm, 644 mm or 640 mm. The woods are German spruce for the top, and Indian or Brazilian rosewood for the back and sides.
The Áurea is an extremely comfortable guitar and at the same time has an extraordinary volume, balance and nuances. It has powerful bass and bright highs with an extra long sustain. An ideal instrument for concerts or for those aficionados who want to have a unique musical instrument.

Jesus Bellido Classical

The Jesus Bellido Classical is built using an improved variant of the traditional assembly system, closing with the top at the end on the already mounted body. This increases rigidity reduces weight, thus obtaining an instrument of greater volume without losing beauty of sound. The commercial quality of its wood is first special with at least twenty years of drying and its length is 650 mm. You can choose between German spruce and Canadian cedar top, and between rosewood bodies of India or Madagascar, bird-eye eye maple, pau ferro as well as other woods. Finished with shellac and with best quality Gotoh or Fustero machine heads.

Mauricio Bellido Classical

Mauricio builds his Classical Guitar looking for a big sound, but maintaining the balance between high, medium and low tones, without losing the best playability for the player. The construction is Fleta type, and the woods German spruce or Canadian cedar for the top, and Indian rosewood for the body. It can can be ordered with other woods such as cocobolo, Madagascar rosewood, pao ferro and maple among others. The scale is 650mm, but you can ask for other scales. The finish is french polishing.