Jesus Bellido

Experience and Quality

Jesus was born in Granada in 1966. He is the second son of Manuel and was the first one making guitars. At the age of thirteen he started to make his firsts works with his father, combining it with his academic formation as an Educational Sicences and french speaking.

At the age of seventeen, Jesus made and sold his first guitar. Between 1989 and 1995 he worked as a guitar making teacher in various programs of the Andalusian administration, and when he finished he himself dedicated to guitar making full time in his first workshop, in Cenes de la Vega, Granada. In 1999 he moved back to Manuel’s workshop, where he remains. During all these years he participated in many demonstrations, expositions, conferences and tv and radio programs.

Jesus was selected as the representative of Spain as an expert on luteria before the European Economic Community in the meetings held in Cologne in 2001 and 2002, within the "Leonardo da Vinci Project" and prepared together with other prestigious professionals and a multidisciplinary group Of the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Education of Spain the Professional Qualifications of "Construction of Guitars, Bandurrias and Spanish lutes", "Construction of Old String Instruments" and "Repair of String Instruments", all qualifications that constitute the base of the professional training of guitar construction in Spain.

From a technical point of view, although Jesus has practiced different systems of construction, he currently maintains two, the traditional Spanish system, and another, combined with luteria techniques. His main interest in making a guitar is that it is comfortable and easy to play, but without losing any quality and quantity of sound. Jesus has directed part of his work towards the study, restoration and reproduction of guitars of great masters such as Antonio de Torres, Santos Hernández, Louis Panormo, Jose Pages, Jose Pernas, and Manuel de la Chica among others. He also participates in the continuing discussion and new lines of experimentation developed by a very enriching group of guitar builders, his father Manuel, his brothers Mauricio and Miguel Ángel, and the specialist in old instruments Francisco Hervás.